Whitehead Park 2017

Whitehead Park: 1st Jan 2017.


16th Jan 2017: Inspecting the park, planning the future plantings and enjoying what we have: 

From the west side of the park, note the ducks in the creek.


Audrey, walking on Goward toward the bridge.


Michael, Mary and Audrey, note how high the creek is.


Beaver cutting of small tree.


Some of our labelled plants.


‘Wild Life Tree’ designation, looking well used.


The evolving east side of Whitehead Park.

Note the changes from these March 2012 photos of our first plantings:

March 2012

March 2012











13th Feb 2016:  lots of great shots of the park in winter.































































































































































































































































27th Feb 2017:  Plant delivery from Saanich [Don and Shelby].

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